Revitalizing Wellness in Monterey Bay

“Dr. Roz believes in health and beauty from the inside out. She is passionate about offering her patients good old-fashioned house calls, in the safest manner possible: wearing surgical gloves and an N95 mask. Her great-grandmother was a medical doctor, and Dr. Roz cherishes that lineage, alongside the doctor’s bag that she inherited. The field of science and the practice of treating patients is always evolving, a process which Dr. Roz understands and embraces wholeheartedly.”

Meet Dr. Roz

Born from a deep-rooted passion for holistic healing, Dr. Roz embarked on an extraordinary journey in the pursuit of merging health, beauty, and wellness.

With a foundation in holistic health and Asian bodywork from the American University of Complimentary Medicine, Dr. Roz ventured through various illustrious collaborations, including apprenticeships and research roles, honing expertise in anti-aging medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and regenerative skincare.

Dr. Roz’s commitment to enhancing natural beauty from within led to the inception of Prophet Apothecary, a culmination of ancestral wisdom, scientific innovation, and a fervent dedication to cultivating lasting well-being.

Skincare Services

Nestled within the serenity of the Monterey Bay, Dr. Roz offers a range of transformative skincare services meticulously crafted to enhance your natural beauty and well-being.

Personalized Skin Profiling

Offering personalized skincare formulations based on saliva test results, this unique service tailors creams to individual needs, leveraging innovative science for effective, custom-made solutions.

Wellness Consultations

Revitalize and enrich your hair with our Quantum Hair Mask, a nourishing blend that amplifies volume, nurtures strands, and promotes fuller, healthier locks for a luxurious touch.

Regenerative Therapies

Embrace the future of skincare and hair regrowth with Lilium® Regenerative Therapy. From facial aesthetics to renewed hair growth, experience revitalization from within through biologically active components for natural rejuvenation.

Prophet Apothecary

Dr. Roz’s journey through the realms of holistic health and transformative wellness has been a testament to her unwavering commitment to pioneering a new era in skincare. This rich tapestry of experiences laid the groundwork for her most significant endeavor yet—Prophet Apothecary.

A manifestation of her holistic vision, each product within this innovative line is a blend of science and ancestral wisdom, meticulously crafted with ethically sourced, natural ingredients and cutting-edge science.

Dr. Roz’s legacy thrives within these formulations, designed not just to enhance outer beauty but to amplify inner vitality, embracing sustainability, and fostering holistic well-being in every exquisite drop. Prophet Apothecary stands as a testament to her journey, a convergence of expertise, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to nurturing timeless beauty and wellness. 

Introducing Prophet Apothecary

Holistic Visionary

Dr. Roz blends science & ancestral wisdom, nurturing holistic well-being beyond beauty norms.

Inspired By Nature

Her skincare unites ethical naturals and advanced science for sustainable effectiveness.

Client-Centric Care

With 15+ years' expertise, Dr. Roz empowers through personalized holistic guidance.

Sustainability First

Dr. Roz champions eco-conscious practices, embodying enduring environmental care.

Prophet Apothecary's Liposomal Revolution​

Welcome to Prophet Apothecary, where innovation meets skincare. Dive into our Liposomal Delivery, a pioneering approach ensuring our products are more than skin-deep. We’ve harnessed the science of liposomes—microscopic carriers that penetrate and release powerful nutrients directly into your skin. This ingenious technology elevates absorption, ensuring our meticulously crafted formulas reach their fullest potential, transforming your skincare routine into a journey of radiant, enduring beauty. Experience the next level of skincare efficacy with Prophet Apothecary’s Liposomal Revolution.

Empowering Your Skin, Molecule by Molecule

Step into the science behind skincare transformation. Prophet Apothecary pioneers Liposomal Delivery, a breakthrough method using microscopic liposomes to transport potent ingredients deeper into your skin’s layers.

These lipid spheres mimic cell membranes, encapsulating active elements for superior absorption. Witness the magic as these micro-carriers merge seamlessly, releasing a concentrated surge of nourishment where your skin needs it most.

Unveil the power of liposomal technology with our skincare line, ensuring each drop is a revelation, nurturing your skin from within for lasting beauty.